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Shipping Policy

- Cdiscount will always do our best to deliver your product as fast possible because your satisfaction is our number one priority. Through all our efforts we will always have dependency with external vendors, as a consequence all our timelines are given as an estimation of the time you will receive your products.
- In the SKU product page, the shipping time is based on Bangkok Standard Time.
- In the Checkout page, we will calculate the shipping time based on your postcode and shipping option you selected (Express or Standard). Please keep in mind that we ship products in one parcel and as a consequence the shipping time will be based on the product’s longest shipping time inside your order. If you would like to receive your products faster, you will have to select them one by one.

Express delivery is available for products showing express delivery logo as shown below:

Shipping Fee

TYPE Locality Weight Order Amount Shipping Fee
Direct to Home Normal BKK <20KG Up to 2000THB 39
    <20KG 2001THB/ 5000THB 49
    <20KG 5001THB/ 10000THB 59
    <20KG 10001THB up 79
  BKK >20KG Up to 10000THB 159
    >20KG 10 001THB up 179
  UPC <20KG Up to 2000THB 69
    <20KG 2001THB/ 5000THB 79
    <20KG 5001THB/ 10000THB 89
    <20KG 10001THB up 99
  UPC >20KG Up to 10000THB 399
  UPC >20KG 10 001THB up 449
Direct to Home Express BKK <20KG   99
  BKK >20KG   499
  UPC <20KG   249
  UPC >20KG   499
Pick-up @ store BKK <20KG Under 2000THB 19
  BKK <20KG 2000THB up Free
  BKK >20KG Under 2000THB 19
  BKK >20KG 2000THB up Free
  UPC <20KG Under 2000THB 19
  UPC <20KG 2000THB up Free
  UPC >20KG Under 2000THB 19
  UPC >20KG 2000THB up Free

Chargeable weight is calculated by the bigger of actual weight or size, with the formula (length in cm x weight in cm x height in cm) / 5000. If the customer purchases an over-weight order, check out will charge a “Bulky Fee” to cover additional transport expenses.